Our Gardening Services

as we see it, your garden is an extension of our gardens, since we use the same local eco-system


to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow, whilst you embrace today


the glory of gardening, hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature


the smell of freshly dug earth is perfume to a gardener and food for nature

Large Plants

the garden of flowers and trees, is also the garden of thoughts and dreams

Yard Maintenance

best play in the dirt, because life is too short to always have clean finger nails

Fruits & Veggies

gardening is the medicine that does not need a prescription…and has no limit on dosage

Flower Beds

a flower does not think about competing with the flower next to it. it just blooms

Jet Washing

even the great gardens, in all their splendour, can have a few weeds to tend

Residential Services

our gardens are places of delicate perfume and colour. a haven for bee’s, bird’s & butterflies: where the flowers and plants as paint and the soil & sky as canvas

Garden clean up & out

Garden design & planting

Grass cutting, feeding & sowing

Border cleaning & planting

Hedge & small tree trimming

Fence painting, staining & proofing

Driveway & pathway cleaning

Grounds clean up & out

Grounds design & planting

Grass cutting, feeding & sowing

Border cleaning & planting

Hedge & small tree trimming

Perimeter & Fence cleaning, staining & proofing

Commercial Services

we take the same level of care with commercial grounds & gardens, to present a clean, bright & ordered garden: where people can walk, relax and unwind 

Our Work

We like the positive impact we have on our customers well-being. our gardens are our testimony to the dedication and effort we take every time: and that is, to treat each garden with care & respect

“Several neighbours have commented on how clean & bright my driveway looks!”

we’re not afraid of hard work, where its necessary. however, we prefer ‘smart work’ maximising the positive impact we make on peoples driveways & gardens…and their well-being 

“Michael worked his magic on my garden: its now transformed to where I can now manage it myself”

“You did a great job in pruning my forest flame tree, thank you “

“I had delayed pruning the wisteria; but Michael assured me that pruning it now, would be just as effective…and it was: with so many beautiful blossoms & the scent..!”

we are constantly researching the most recent authoritative research, to make sure what we do and recommend, is the very best of care and advice for your garden

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Let’s Build Your Dream Garden Together

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small plot, an average sized garden or several acre’s of land. we take an holistic approach involving available light, soil quality, potential drainage and your individual aspirations to design, deliver & maintain beautiful gardens: that exude your current style & personality


No matter what season or weather prevails, your garden can be a place of peace, sanctuary and restoration

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